Welcome to Elmes Rural Pty Ltd

    Longreach Stock and Station Agency, handling your local Property, Cattle, Sheep and Real Estate

    Cameron Elmes as Principal established Elmes Rural Pty Ltd in 2008.

    With over 20 years of experience in the region, and a broad network of contacts with feedlots, meat processors, agents and clients, Elmes Rural will achieve the best possible results for your business.

    Elmes Rural specialises in direct marketing, paddock sales and has dual accreditation as a sheep and cattle assessor with Auctions Plus, allowing your livestock to be effectively marketed to the national market via weekly auctions.

    We also have access to all major selling centres throughout Queensland allowing your cattle to be marketed at live auctions. Elmes Rural is a member of the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association and a member of the stock insure Delcredere Insurance Scheme.

    Whether you are buying or selling livestock or property, Elmes Rural Pty Ltd can deliver you the best results.



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