Auction Plus Sheep Sale – Wethers 28 September 2021

    2 lots of 800 Wethers Located at Stonehenge, Western Queensland 2 x 800

    Auction Plus Sheep Sale – Ewes, 28 September 2021

    1150 NSM Ewes Stonehenge, Western Queensland

    Winton Ewes & Lambs

    Price:P O A

    Lot No:  1 Price:  POA Livestock Head:  185 and 43 lambs afoot Livestock Sex:  Merino Ewes Livestock Breed:  Merino Livestock Condition:  Store Livestock Age:  7 and 8 years Livestock Shearing:  August 2020 Livestock Type: For Sale Agent Comments:  Lambs are unmarked and old enough to wean Agent Contact:  Cameron Elmes    0419 747 869



    Please quote all lines this enquiry is for a southern client and local